Traveling Inside of Corbett

Visitors can move about in vehicles inside the park area after making entries at the respective gates. Tourists will have to hire taxi permitted gypsies from Ramnagar which are available near the reception area. Tourist’s own vehicles are not allowed inside the Park so they have to be parked in Ramnagar. It is advisable to refuel vehicles before entering the park because there is no fuel station beyond Ramnagar.

Another option is to undertake a day-tour conducted by the park on a safari bus which is operational only for Dhikala Tourism zone for a ride of max 6 hours. However, the capacity for this facility is limited.

Walking or trekking inside the park is not allowed except at certain places. Specific trails for vehicles are maintained to enable visitors to watch wildlife at Corbett. Driving off track it is not allowed for reasons of safety. It is to be noted that driving after sunset is strictly prohibited.

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